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Swiss watch brand Louis Moinet presented early March 2014 to the Qatar

March 12, 2014

Swiss watch brand Louis Moinet presented early March 2014 to the Qatar, on the occasion of the exhibition of jewellery and watchmaking which is held in the capital Doha, its new Qatar Tourbillon collection. A limited series of 12 watches with an imposing white gold case of 47 mm housing a tourbillon caliber and displaying the time on a meteorite dial which are engraved two sabres Qataris and sand dunes.

This timepiece called Qatar Tourbillon has the particularity to present two fragments of the single meteorite ever found in the Qatar. According to the American scholarly society "Meteoritical Society", the official name of this meteorite is Qatar 001. From the main asteroid belt located between the orbits of Mars and Jupiter, she travelled more than 260 million kilometers before landing in the desert of Jariyan al Batnah.

Says Luc Labenne, famous Hunter of meteorites: "it's a type H5 chondrite, very rich in metal and chondres (grains of silicate minerals to meteorites) are visible. As stated in the communiqué of the brand, "it's a first world, because no other meteorite ever found in the Qatar.

Louis Moinet has managed to procure a fragment of this heavenly stone to integrate within a timepiece that is intended primarily to Qatari clients and the Middle East.

"Qatar Tourbillon is the epitome of this Emirate in the Middle East, provides Jean-Marie Schaller, the patron of the mark. Apply engraved by hand, representing sand dunes adorns the circumference of the dial and accompanies the two Qataris sabres. This collection also presents a fragment of Stromatolite, the oldest fossil known in the world, dating back to more than 3.5 billion years. This red Stromatolite comes decorate the center of the dial between the tourbillon cage at 6 hours and the visible barrel at noon spring".

Produced in limited series of twelve pieces, the Qatar Tourbillon movement is a manual winding calibre. It beats at 21,600 vibrations per hour. Technical particularity, the winding mechanism is apparent on the side of bottom of box and promises to be "particularly spectacular". Indeed, the "Octopus" spring there fills three functions, that of zipper, toggle and ratchet spring spring spring.

This model is presented in an imposing 47 mm in 18-carat gold case. Composed of 59 different elements, it is equipped with the Crown guard Louis Moinet. The arrival and presentation of this new collection also marks the beginning of a new partnership between the watchmaking brand and Al Fardan, one of the most prestigious distributors in the Middle East in the field of watchmaking and jewellery.

The vertical power reserve indicator of the LM1 Xia Hang is powered by an ultra flat differential on ceramic ball bearing, which makes the finest complication and more solid and sustainable mechanism.

The complication the LM1 power reserve was amended to enable human comma of Xia Hang smoothly from its arched position, when the energy is low, to its upright position, when the movement is reassembled. The artist has created sculptures of great size that MB & F was reduced to only 4 mm (1/8 ") high before developing the required joint. Thanks to an invisible hinge, head, shoulders, back and chest of Mr. Up (name of the power reserve when it increased) lean towards the horizontal that it gets tired: Mr. Up becomes Mr. Down. The tiny sculpture Micromechanics is composed of aluminum to minimize energy needs. A very fine polishing helps the little man to capture the light and the eye, while remaining true to the original concept of Xia Hang.

The market of the two dials is controlled by a single regulator (balance and exhaust) so that, once set, the displays are perfectly synchronized. The hours and minutes of each dial can be adjusted at any time via their respective crowns. To complete the three-dimensionality generated by the floating balance, two white dials with gold of a luminous blue hands stand out themselves to the surface of the movement.

Swollen, they shine with the brilliance of a translucent lacquer applied in several layers according to the method of the "tense lacquer": heated, they stretch over the entire surface. A sophisticated mounting, system on the back, underneath, preserves the aesthetic purity of dials and their traditional Roman numerals: no need to screw disturbing. Each edge, a golden circle highlights their timeless classicism. Responsibility for ensuring the movement of Legacy Machine N ° 1 a style and faithful to the story finishes has been entrusted to the famous master watchmaker Kari Voutilainen.

A mission to inconspicuous when you leave a suspended balance as nonconformist. Side dial, the end plate Sunray catches the eye from different points of view, without look away from the two white dials, the floating balance or the vertical power reserve. However, it is mainly in the style and finishes of the bridges and turntables visible across the bottom that Kari Voutilainen has excelled: he thus drew curves bridges elegant and widely spaced as it should, both among themselves and in relation to the perimeter of the box.

On the back of the movement, the oversized jewels housed in kittens in gold to the extreme polite form a counterpoint to the Côtes de Genève crossing bridges to sensual curves. Not only they remind Ruby of use in the beautiful movements of antique pocket watches, but they also function to reduce wear and increase longevity, allow larger diameter sprockets and most important oil.

Xia Hang spontaneous gesture, each of the 24 pieces of the LM1 Xia Hang-12 in pink gold and 12 gold - white comes with a pair of sculptures in large size (approximately 15 cm high) Mr. Up and Mr. Down. Made of polished steel, they are signed by the artist. "Legacy Machine N ° 1 Xia Hang" is the first example (and probably not the last) a design cross between a MB & F M.A.D. Gallery artist and creators of a MB & F (LM1) watch. The talented artists exhibited in our Gallery M.A.D. in Geneva we open a wide range of possible joint creations for the MB & F Machines.

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